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10 Random Things About Me:

10. I'm a writer and a lover of all things literary. My favorites change constantly. Some days I love The Hunger Games, and then the next day, I love Jane Eyre. It's true: if it's lit, I love it. Period. I wrote my master's thesis on F. Scott Fitzgerald and Edith Wharton, and my favorite films are always independent films--obscure, artistic, and different, but with a plot. I can't emphasize that enough. My favorite films include One Week, Bright Young Things, and Love Letters. Again, wildly disparate, yet bound by a common thread......literariness. What do I write? Equally complicated. I will leave it at that.

9. I love to bake. Especially cupcakes. They are literally my favorite food to make. This poses a problem because my husband's least favorite food to eat is dessert, so I end up baking a delicious dozen all for me. I try to time my baking excursions for right before visitors come, so if you come to my house, you'll be very likely regaled with cupcakes.

8. My dog is my favorite person in the world. She's beautiful and sweet and wonderful, all wrapped up inside one little red dog.

7. I drink Starbucks pretty much every day.

6. My house is a mess with crafting items. I am constantly in the middle of one project or another. Current project/s include: creating a new line of bridal products for TreasuredDetails, writing a screenplay for a class I'm taking, writing three novels (literally...I work on all of them simultaneously...with the screenplay...and the new idea I just got today that I tried to FORCE my brain to not think about under any circumstances), creating several pieces of art, preparing the "props" for my TreasuredDetails photo shoot on November 3, and probably many more that I can't think of right now because the evidence is buried under everything I've just named.

5. My husband Nick and I love adventure. We're planning our next small trip to Washington, Oregon, and Vancouver for November, and we probably have a much larger adventure in our future as well, once vacation time rolls over.

4. Top 5 Desert Island Bands: The Decemberists, The Decemberists, The Decemberists...wait, that's not how this game works? Okay, fine. The Decemberists, Bon Iver, Nine Days, Rachael Yamagata, and TBD. (I hate committing like that.) Top 5 Desert Island Books: The Count of Monte Cristo (appropriate), Villette, The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Eyre, and Unbroken. Top 5 Desert Island Films: One Week, It's a Wonderful Life, Love Letters, Bright Young Things, and Elizabethtown.

3. Aurelio's Pizza is the best pizza in the world. If you have never had it, it's time you made your way to Homewood, Illinois and partook. Have leftovers? No problem! Somehow Aurelio's is even better eaten straight out of the fridge the next morning.

2. I live in the middle of a cornfield. It's funny, but it's actually true. Welcome to central Indiana. What the television shows tell you is all true, except it's actually less glamorous. Unfortunately, Tom Haverford is not really from here, and sadly, I don't know a Ron Swanson either. Though there seem to be a lot of Jerry's...

1. Celebrity Crushes, in no particular order of importance or validity (a non-exclusive list): Blake Lively, Stephen Campbell Moore, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Kristen Bell, James McAvoy, Joshua Jackson, Kristen Wigg...list subject to addition, but seldom subtraction.

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