Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Deals Deciphered

Looking for some Cyber Monday deals to make your shopping worthwhile?

First stop, Amazon. Their list of deals is constantly refreshing. I've already bought 4 things today. And if you're looking for the Kindle Fire, use coupon code FIREDEAL to get this baby for $129, today only! 

Like supporting small businesses, wearing retro fashion, AND being modest? Look no further than Shabby Apple! This website helps small business fashion designers get off their feet by selling their designs. Get 20% off the top today with coupon code JOYFULSEASON. 

Love shopping on Etsy? Some of these Treasuries are assembled by the keyword "Cyber Monday Sale," but this is just a small sampling of the sales available on Etsy. Check out my shop, TreasuredDetails, and use coupon code ITSCYBERMONDAY for 30% off your entire purchase.

You like Kohls? Get an extra 20% off all online purchases, today only.

Feeling blue from the lack of bookstores in your area? Don't forget to stop by Barnes and Noble's website to get your Cyber Monday book fix...for less!

Please comment to share any other deals you've found. We all want to shop! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Accessories by TreasuredDetails

I'm excited to announce some brand new accessories for the holiday season! Some of them went up for sale in my shop, TreasuredDetails, just today, and more will be rolling out as the week continues. Here's a brief introduction to some new great products.

The first favorite of mine is the Glittery Holly Fascinator that was a huge hit with the models at our shoot earlier this month. This is a simply crafted piece that makes a statement. The glitter is bold and the colors are bright and festive. This is an accessory that will catch sunlight, moonlight, Christmas lights, and candlelight, and send it back sparkling beautifully! If you're interested, I have 5 available this holiday season, and may be persuaded to make some more, if you want them ;) You can buy it here.

Another brand new holiday listing today is the sweet and simple Silver Fern Bobby Pin Set. These have a powerful sparkle too, and because they're not specifically Christmassy, they can be a great accessory for New Years' or all-year-round evening wear. The set comes with a large and a small leaf for wear in an up-do. This also makes a great gift! You can buy this set here.

These little tiny Glitter Holly Bobbies in Green and Gold are a favorite of mine! I'm making a set for myself, because I just love the idea of wearing something cute and sparkly and festive, but not too overwhelming to my outfit! I have a few of these little sets available, so feel free to pick up more than one. These make great stocking stuffers too! The bobbies are available for sale here.

The last holiday item that I added for sale today was this pop of color with a snowflake applique. I love the idea of wearing this belt with a white lace dress (as pictured) for a holiday party. It would be a beautiful detail for a winter wedding dress as well, especially if the bride wants a little color in her ensemble...maybe even just for the reception. This particular sash is listed here

I love making customized sashes for any holiday or event, so please let me know if you'd like to chat about an idea you have. I'd love to make your dreams come true! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brand New Designs from TreasuredDetails

This summer and fall has marked the reinvention of TreasuredDetails, and I'm excited to begin unveiling some of my newest creative projects! I have always loved the idea of custom designs, enjoying working with women who are looking for something a little special, something just for them, for whatever event they happen to need an accessory for...weddings, proms, parties, professional photos, boudoir sessions, performances, or just for their own pleasure. "Custom" designs go a long way, but a potential buyer often needs a spring board, a "THIS is what I want...but different." And then we take it from that point, choosing the colors, the materials, and the "treasured details" that make your piece your own in every way! 

TreasuredDetails has specialized in hair accessories, cocktail hats, and veils, while only dabbling in sashes and shoe clips. We've now expanded to include far more! I invite you to follow me to stay up-to-date as the new items are rolling in and just waiting to be claimed and customized. 

TreasuredDetails Winter 2012/2013 Preview

In the image below, the lovely Amelia is modeling a feather pad hair fascinator. This hair piece was designed by me and handsewn with beautiful accents and details, including feathers of ivory and amber, a vintage rhinestone brooch, two types of vintage lace, sead pearls, rhinestones, and crystal beads. 

This feather pad was inspired by the debutantes of the 1920s. 

This next image depicts my lovely cousin Clarissa wearing a custom cocktail hat with a handsewn horsehair bow and handmade dotted tulle flower puff.  This hat is a collage of bright white, as it appears here, and would be a beautiful addition for the bride who favors the mid-century American look to her classic or vintage-inspired wedding, but like all designs, it can be customized for all purposes! Looking for the same thing in black? Prefer a birdcage veil on it's edge? It can be done!

This design was created with a 1960s lady in mind. 

This large purple dahlia clip is being modeled by the lovely Diana. This lovely purple flower with vine leaves cascading down the back is a beautiful accessory that can be worn casually or for a formal event. This clip is a personal favorite of mine, being a gardener and lover of the outdoors. Every time I walk through the woods (which is often) I am inspired to create a new accessory for the woodland beauty. My own wedding this past year favored the woodland style, and this will always be a favorite look for me. This piece is also customizable. Just contact me if you have a request or can think of something that would make this fit your vision better!

This final preview is being modeled by my beautiful friend Janneal. (The camera loves her!) This simple headband is a TreasuredDetails classic that's been modified more than once for a bride in need of her own creative control over her accessories. These sweet ivory gardenias have been handsewn with pearl bead stamens and affixed to an ivory satin-wrapped headband. Customizations that have been done to this design are turning the 5 gardenias into 5 individual clips or bobbies, and having this made in different colors! Be sure to contact me before purchase though, because colors are limited in this design. 

This is another classic piece that favors the woodland-friendly girl, but also gives a twist on a very traditional bridal look! This veil can also be changed up a bit with the addition of a blusher veil. Ask me if you'd like a customization like that as well. 

When I design, I employ the understanding that the sky is the limit! You deserve the look that suits you best, and I want all my customers to walk away happy. If you like what you see--or at least like what you're reading and want to see more!--shoot me a message and we'll take the first step toward a custom design that makes you happy. 


Accessories: TreasuredDetails
Photos: Michelle Cox Photography

Copyright Infringement a Problem for Independent Designers

Lately it seems like lots of independent designers are complaining about having their designs "ripped off" by look-alike artists. That's maddening for artists who spend hours and days conceiving ideas, executing them, assembling them, and often customizing them for buyers. As a designer, I specialize in custom designs, with very few appearing in the "ready to ship" category on my shop. I love working with a buyer on a custom design that will reflect their spirit and desires. Brides, bridesmaids, prom-goers, performers, lovers of the beautiful...whatever you are, I want to make you what makes you say "YES! That is me!"

If you're looking to create or start your own business as a designer, I highly recommend using existing artists for inspiration--honoring them, as it were, like a concert pianist might listen to Mozart or like a writer might read the Brontes--but do not copy them.

Copying destroys everyone! It destroys the novelty of the creator and the promise the custom designs will indeed be one of a kind. It negates the hard work the designer put into their creation--and the design process is different for everyone, but mine usually consists in part of sketching, pinning on my board, rearranging, walking away, rearranging again, photographing, reviewing, and eventually hand pressing and gluing (both of which often means burned fingers!), careful sewing (lots of pin pricks!) and more photographing and modeling...and that's just the prototype! I may spend hours creating one piece, but what happens when a bride contacts me and says, "GORGEOUS! ...can I get that in scarlet? and how about a different kind of flower?" Then it's back to the drawing board.

Creating designs that come from your own lovely, creative mind is such a wonderful feeling...TRY IT! Don't succumb to the temptation to copy someone else's designs when you have your own potential.

Artists staying off each others' toes :)

So, in the spirit of this, I invite you to stick around for a few sneak previews of my upcoming designs! Click here for more!

Friday, November 2, 2012

After 5 Months of Marriage

Nick and I have been married for 5 months today! I can't decide if that's an amazingly short amount of time for such a full life as we've had, or if that's a crazy long time considering how long engagement felt. At any rate, there are a few things I've learned so far, and one is this....

Never underestimate the power of doing something cute for each other. Marriage is no different from dating, except that you really need to try to make them continue liking you...forever! :)

This card was purchased from Colette Paperie.