Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some New Listings!

Here are some new creations listed in my shop! To see more, visit me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Old Fashion Vintage

Dear friends of Etsy,

I was checking out this shop today after being featured in a treasury with this seller. Treasuries are fabulous for helping me to find new favorites! Whenever I am added to a treasury, I click on at least half of the items and find a new favorite shop in each bunch. Well, today's new favorite was New Old Fashion Vintage.

I would love to buy half of the great articles of clothing in this fabulous vintage shop! To be honest, I think my favorite thing about this shop is the descriptions. I think this girl has such a great, straight-forward, honest manner of describing her stuff. I want to buy these items, but I also feel like I want to be this girl's friend!
Check her out...oh, but please don't buy all the items I want to buy! :)