Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thirteen Goals for 2013

New Years' Resolutions are a big thing. I hear them mentioned every time a new year rolls around, and then I never seem to hear them mentioned again afterwards (at least not until December regret rolls in), but of course that's a different concern. Everyone has their own way.

Last year my New Years' resolution involved working out, writing a novel, and traveling, and since then, I achieved with flying colors!

  • I entered a body building competition last winter and shed inches from all of my "fatty deposits." (Ladies, you know what I mean.) I also succeeded in lifting some really high numbers! I purchased a wedding dress that fit and ended up having the whole thing altered to fit my new slimmer and trimmer self. Very exciting. 
  • I not only wrote a novel in 2012, but I wrote 3. They are unfinished, scattered first drafts that need lots of polish and revision, but they're novels. And I wrote them. 
  • I traveled to Hawaii for 2 weeks on my honeymoon in June and went on a long weekend trip to Seattle and the Olympic National Park with my husband in November. Not quite as many trips as we took in 2011, but we definitely traveled farther!
  • I didn't mention "reading" in my New Years' goals, but I did participate in the 2013 Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I said I could read 20 books in one year (didn't want to be too daring with a wedding, full time job, and all those other resolutions) and I rolled out of 2012 with a grand total of 21 books. 
  • Another unofficial New Years' goal last year was to make amazing cupcakes, because my husband bought me a cupcake baker last year for my birthday. I haven't baked as much as I would have liked, but my cupcakes have been a hit wherever I've brought them! 
This year, I have a few other goals I'd like to throw in since I'm so excited with the way the last ones turned out!

New Years' Resolutions for 2013

1. This year my #1 most important goal is to complete the novels that I strove so hard to write in the first place. I have never yet successfully revised a novel to completion, but I dream of it, and that which you dream of you ought to achieve, lest your life be wasted. So when all else fails, this dream must be my main focus. That's why it's #1. 

2. Next, I want to learn to sew and do it well. My husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I've already done a few silly, pattern-less projects on it and they've turned out all right for a first-timer. I want to be able to make myself an article of clothing, and to create gifts for my friends and family this year. 

3. I hope to work extra hard on promoting TreasuredDetails. I love my little shop, and it's been a source of joy for me since I started it in June 2010. I just love creating beautiful designs for people who appreciate them and can't wait to be called upon to do more. This goal involves me trying to enter a craft or bridal show this year as well! 

4. Keep a journal. I've already been working on this one and made a post about it a few weeks ago. See that post here.

5. Travel outside the U.S. I want to make it my goal to visit England this year, but I'm not sure if that one's in the cards this time. If not, Canada will do :)

6. Spend some time visiting friends. I have a lot of friends around the country, and since I moved away from home in 2012, I learned the value of friends who want to visit (as well as their actual visits!) and I want to do the same for my faraway friends. 

7. Make new friends! I am determined to be less antisocial in my new city, to get involved in things, and to meet new people. And that means more people than my friendly neighborhood Starbucks baristas!

8. Join a Bible study group. 

9. Organize and downsize my life! Moving has taught me that I own too much stuff. I want to store the stuff I need and lose the stuff I don't. I want to make my house neat and organized, with a minimum of clutter and knickknacks. 

10. Eat healthy. My husband and I try not to eat UNhealthy, but our efforts to eat healthy come in spurts. I'd like to include more fresh vegetables and meats into our diet and remove more sugars and artificial ingredients. 

11. Resume winter workout. I started a body bulking workout before Christmas, but time is not in my favor over the holidays. I haven't decided whether my body is ready for weights or if I'd rather venture into something like yoga, because I do truly need some flexibility! But I will be doing something this year. 

12. Write more letters. I feel like the lost art of letter writing has really gotten lost. I used to write letters non-stop, and it's just tapered off over the years. Friends, I've just bought some new stationary. You'll hear from me soon :)

13. Relax more. I really need to learn to relax, and I don't mean sleep. I mean de-stress! I haven't felt anything less than all keyed up since I started college, and that was almost a decade ago. I remember what they say about stress levels and early death (remember, but can't think about it because it stresses me out. Figures!)

What are YOUR New Years' resolutions for 2013? Please share!

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