Wednesday, December 8, 2010

About Your Artist

I have been thinking about how my followers, buyers and fans know very little about me and yet I've been showcasing fellow sellers on my blog. I think it's time to do a little self-introduction (and perhaps some shameless promotion, if you will.) I just want to give a few random facts about myself, my artistic inspirations, my life, my day job, my interests and hobbies, and maybe even give my readers an opportunity to ask me some questions back! Hope you enjoy.

First of all, I am the artist behind the Etsy shop TreasuredDetails. I create whimsical hair designs for brides, women, and artistic or fashionable individuals in general. I am a fan of creative details like silk flowers and leaves, delicate floral details, rhinestones and vintage buttons and beads, and feathers. I have recently become more interested in expanding my creations in the direction of millinery after being approached by my friend Laura with a crazy Mrs. Peacock hat request for Halloween. Since then, she has become my official customer of hats and I feel like I should start sharing those creative designs with the public. In my shop, I like to create things with the best possible materials (I will literally spend hours in a craft store in search of the most realistic looking flowers with the fewest blemishes) and I spend a long time designing the creation, assembling it, modeling and photographing it, and editing the listing. Admittedly, the photography and editing are not my strong points, which is a shame because my items are really so carefully created and wonderfully made. I vow only to give the best to my customers.

So, a little bit about me. I live in the Chicagoland area where I grew up. It's blazing hot here in summer and bitterly cold here in winter. Fall is my favorite season, but I didn't have time to enjoy it very much this year. I am a graduate student, just about finished up with my Master's thesis project (it is on two favorite authors of mine, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Edith Wharton) and will soon be an official M.A. holder. I am a college instructor at two colleges and I am a part time gardener. My boyfriend Nick and I like to go on hiking and backpacking trips together, and we love trying new outdoor sports of all kinds. I think my love of nature and gardening contributes to my inspiration for creating my floral hair designs within my shop.

I love to watch movies and hope to eventually write films that are produced. Writing is my true passion and the one area in which I hope to succeed eventually. I am an avid reader and I am a particular fan of Victorian and World War II era literature, but I guess I mainly like good writers. (That sounds pretty subjective, and really, there are no absolutes, but I can tell a "good" writer when I read one. My favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life, I have a wide variety of favorite musicians from Bon Iver to Bullet for my Valentine, I love to eat and to try or cook different foods, and I have a wonderful little dog who makes me very happy. I wish I were alive in the 1940s and I think part of me has always been disappointed that being grown up isn't more like living in the old movies.

What else do you guys want to know? Ask me anything :)

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