Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Listings in My Shop

I have listed some new hair accessories today after weeks of designing, creating, photographing and editing! I am looking forward to sharing these festive accessories and hope that they are suited to some of my wonderful followers' hair decorating needs!

The first is a scarlet lily comb that I made a while ago. I think it would be a beautiful piece to slip into a French twist up-do for a wedding or formal event. It would also look lovely behind the
ear. This piece could be worn
with a fancy dress, or even with casual jeans and heels for a night out with friends. This is a really versatile piece that shows off different details from each angle.

The second piece that I listed today was the bright gold-detailed poppy clips. This is a festive take on some traditional, casual pieces previously listed in my shop. I
added some gold berries and a little length of some beautiful, sparkly gold French net. I thought these details added a little bright festivity to a simple look. I have been looking forward to listing some more of these sweet cream clips and I am really excited about these pretty ones.

A third piece that I listed is one that was inspired by a brilliant piece of literature! I am an
English literature major and love to be inspired by lovely, poetic pieces. I have been inspired by
many of the scenic descriptions in L. M. Montgomery novels, and many of the beautifully written pieces by my idols, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edith Wharton, Oscar Wilde, and the Bronte sisters.Currently I am rereading an old Bronte favorite, Wuthering Heights. This hair piece is inspired by the romantic images of Cathy and Heathcliff's romance on the moors, wandering over Penistone Crag among the heather. I have designed this piece in dark tones to match the
dimness of the English novel, the dark sadness of Heathcliff, and the wintry grey of Cathy's hauntings. I have included sprigs of heather and soft dark feathers among the leaves. I hope that I have captured the beauty of the darkly romantic tragedy of Wuthering Heights.

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