Monday, December 13, 2010

Merriweather Council

Another one of my favorite shops on Etsy is MerriweatherCouncil. The shop owner, Danielle, featured me in my second-ever treasury! I was honored as I began to see how honored SHE was with all kinds of front pages and treasury wins with Team Discovery. I fell in love with her shop once I checked it out, and I couldn't help but make a purchase.
MerriweatherCouncil features all kinds of unique fabric designs, from embroidery to quilted art. Danielle herself is an extremely talented artist with a degree in the fine arts with a concentration in fibers. (It's no wonder she knows what she is doing!) Check out her profile and learn more about her! After I purchased a beautiful little holiday piece from her, I can also attest to the fact that her work is meticulously well-done, and there isn't a stitch out of place! I would definitely buy from MerriweatherCouncil again, and I would encourage others to do the same.
The variety of items in this shop range from quilted and embroidered hoops to pendants and buntings, and even to embroidered charms for necklaces. Each item is unique, one of a kind, and
wonderfully made. Please, check out MerriweatherCouncil and tell Danielle that Crystal sent you :)

Oh, and here is a picture of the apartment decor (sorry the candlelight of the dinner table is a little dim!) so you can see how cute the little Christmas bunting looks on the narrow window. Thanks, Danielle, for adding to my awesome Christmas decor! :)

Lots of Etsy Love,
Crystal Lynn


  1. Awesome post, Merriweather has some fabulous items in her shop!

  2. I know, she is GREAT! And such a talented and meticulous artist :) love her!