Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The first shop I would like to feature is CraftedRoots, a lovely little shop run by my friend Stephanie and her husband. I have to feature her on my blog for treasury appreciation first of all shops for several reasons!

First, Stephanie is one of the first people to encourage my love of Etsy when I discovered this lovely site early this year! She has been running her shop for a lot longer than I have had mine and I think the wonderful creations she sells there deserve a little more exposure.

This shop features a number of awesome, handcrafted ceramics, some macrame jewelry, and more recently, supplies such as beads and pendants. Please stop by and visit this couple's shop, check out their great creations, and of course, visit their profile for a little info on their artist statement! I love how involved this
couple is in art and creative processes; it really shows in the great pieces they have featured in their shop.

If you get a chance, remember to drop some of these goodies in a treasury you make sometime soon! These guys have earned this kind of appreciation.

And on to my second point; here's another great reason for me to show appreciation to CraftedRoots first of all other shops. Last week, this shop featured me in a perfectly lovely treasury, called For Your Christmas Wedding, and this gorgeous curation made it to the front page at 7:30 in the morning. By 7:33, my item on was sold! This day became one of my best sale days ever, where I went from 19 sales to 23 sales in one day! I also had the most traffic to my site to date on that day. From what I heard, this front page fe
ature also helped CraftedRoots to get another sale as well, and I am quite glad about this!

Thanks for your promotions, treasury features, and continual encouragement about my
struggling little shop, Steph! All of your advise and loving clicks and "favoritin
g" has been a great cheer to me and I hope you can get some traffic to your site as a result of this feature. Merry Christmas, and good luck with sales this holiday season.

Lots of Etsy Love,

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  1. Awwww, thank you SOO much!! This was a fantastic write-up!!!! I'm so honoured you chose to feature us first!! I can't even describe the huge smile on my face right now. ;) Thank you, Crystal!!