Friday, October 26, 2012

Home Decor, Wedding Decor, Same Thing

Brides, do you struggle with buying expensive wedding decorations that you will never use again? I had this problem when I was planning my wedding, so I quickly sought to remedy the problem. I decorated my wedding and reception with items that I could use again in my own home afterward. From sparkling lighted topiaries to cut crystal glasses, and from elegant treasure chests to vintage pitchers that made lovely vases, my mom and I chose items that would be useful for future uses as well as current ones.

When choosing the decor for your wedding, be wise! Decorate your wedding in your own taste so that it will be pleasant to bring these same pieces into your home afterwards. Besides, your wallet will thank you.

Past brides, what parts of your weddings have you brought home with you and reused?

Stay tuned for another post about repurposing wedding items for creative decorative projects in your home!

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