Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspiration in the Woods

The fall season is the most inspirational for my creativity. While summer is a beautiful season of brilliant greens and and beautiful blues, I am more inspired by the golden hues of fall. There's nothing like a walk in the woods to awaken new ideas in my soul!

Have you ever walked along the trail and imagined yourself to be a fairy creature, only a few inches tall? From that vantage point, the woods are a treasure trove of inspirations! Autumn leaves which may appear just brown on the trail before you, cobwebs strung between dried stalks may appear to be a mere white film, even those dry stalk themselves look flat and wan standing there where they once bore flowers.

But look closer at these intricacies and you will see brilliance. Veins of color bursting forth on the surface of dead leaves, drops of dew like natural jewels clinging to the weaves of a cobweb, gold glitter like fairy-dust gleaming on the surface of dried stalks. Each of these details natural, adornments of nature herself.

When I walk through the woods, inspiration takes hold on me and I create something new soon after. Have you seen a wedding veil with jewels in its white fluff, or golden hues in the stems of a white flower? Have you seen fairy wreaths wrapped with gold leaves and tiny gems like drops of dew?

This is where I get my about you?

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  1. Great notes about texture! I took my Boston doggie for a walk this morning, and seeing all the golden leaves on the ground set my creativity firing. I'm inspired by textures in nature, as well as seeing the brilliant work of artists whose style and techniques I admire.